title: Stand And Deliver
artist: Adam and the Ants
album: Prince Charming
played: 2,951 times


Adam and the Ants / Stand And Deliver

the way you look you’d qualify for next year’s old age pension

title: The Killing Moon
artist: Echo & The Bunnymen
album: Songs To Learn And Sing
played: 4,713 times

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

Up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

title: Government Hooker
artist: Lady Gaga
album: Born This Way
played: 16,745 times


I’m gonna drink my tears tonight.

my brother just came home and i need to get used to not talking really loudly to invisible people

eddie you did it again

watching John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars and it has low reviews and Ice Cube in it

Finally found some while knee high socks yes and I didn’t go to the optometrist because 2 days of not being able to decide what to eat caused my blood sugar to drop drastically after 2 cigarettes so I almost fainted and puked at the bus stop.